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The ultimate profit-making machines are long-lasting and reliable.

Only those good enough to compete with the world will survive and prosper. To help you meet this challenge, Rome Machine has combined it legendary reliability and quality with 21st century engineering and information systems. The result is state of the art solutions to your Wet Processing and Factory Automation needs.

Bleach Line Economies

Labor Savings - The textile industry has traditionally been very labor intensive. Rome's Bleach/Scour Line is highly automated. Greige goods go in one end and bleached, dried socks come out the other. The system is capable of producing up to 1500 pounds of bleached socks every 16 minutes without human intervention.

Resource Savings - The line operates very economically. One pound of white goods can be produced with less than one pound of water. Dramatic savings also exist in electricity natural gas, steam, and waste water.

Reliability - Typical Rome engineering delivers the greatest value in long lasting, reliable equipment. The Rome Bleach is maintenance friendly like our Hydralift.

Bleach Line Component Specifications

Dry Load Conveyor
Bulk Chemical Feed
Press Loading Shuttle
Press Extractor
Press Unload - Dryer Load Shuttle
Unload Conveyor
Information Systems

The Rome Bleach Line System can process a pound of white goods in less than a gallon of water*. Costs of production under 10 cents per pound are being achieved**. A line installed today can pay for itself in this millenium.

* 640 pound of socks in 627 gallons of water
** Cost of Production $.09 per pound.

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